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The Legend of Neter Gold Vol. 1 - EBOOK

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Everything you're about to read is
my brief sole account of events that
transpired a few years ago up until
recently. You know what they say
"there are three sides to every
story: his side, her side, and the
truth". What you're reading is my
side and I'm sure somewhere there
may be some truth missing. I did my
best to remember the emotions of
these times and tried my darndest
to portray them decently enough
for you all. I do hope you can
understand my feelings while this
all was happening to help make this
a better story. I've changed a few
names so I don't get beat up later,
I'm sure you understand. Now, with
that being said let's get to


Page Length: 20 pages w/ Pictures ^_^

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