Hey, what's up folks, Mike here from Neter Gold. And for this episode of Michael Talks About Stuff on Camera and you watch it like it, and subscribe to the channel. We're going to talk real quick about how to use raw African black soap to wash your hair, just the do's and the don'ts when it comes to the soap. So if that interests you like this video, watch this little intro, and let's make it happen.

All right, folks. What's up? What's up? What's up? We're here now. We're in the shower. And first and foremost, I apologize for the fogginess of this. I don't know why it was so foggy. Maybe I was finally bathing, inhales water, but I digress. So you check it out here. You see I'm using a full one-pound block of black soap, which is available on our website. Actually, probably not right now. Probably just sold out. So I'm not sure, but I'm using the full block on my hair. Now I know pre-interview, as I told you not to use a block of soap directly on your skin, that is correct, but this is my hair. A little bit different little cushiony. Very coarse hair for C, B, C, D, whatever it is, the tough stuff. I got some little light kind of hair. So I'm not too concerned about any type of sediment rocks or anything make its way to my skin. This is all just making sure that the soap gets put on my face. So it gets all nice and fuzzy.

So I try to look as much like Santa Claus as possible when I'm doing this thing and also massaging it in deeply to make sure that Santa look goes through thoroughly. One of the things to make sure when you're using a black soap for a shampoo for your hair or for your beard, is to make sure you're massaging it through thoroughly. Because what you're doing is trying to remove and strip away all the oils, all the oils, dirt, and grime from your hair with the black soap. We talked about this before. Black soap really strips the living hell out of all the oils, leaving your hair extremely dry and brittle. So what you got to make sure you do after that is you got to moisturize, but we're talking now about the washing portion. When it comes to washing again as you see here, it is all about making sure you're thorough, thorough, thorough, thorough.

Just make sure you get it in there. It's not too much to it when you come to the shampooing part. The biggest thing is how you take care of it once you get out the shower. So let's go over to that part right now. And yeah, let's do that. So we do the shampoo in the shower and then it's going to lock in the moisture. Okay. The after shower audio some trash, every once in a while the water gets into the mike on the GoPro. And I just don't like that audio. So we're going to switch it up here. So as you see here, fresh out of the shower, hair's moist. Boom, there we are. We talked about the porosity hair, porosity tests. We did that. So I'm doing the exact same method here. I use warm water in my hair to get rid of the soap.

Then I'm using the ABA butter and some [Nebel 00:02:45] Nine Hair Oil right there. The 24 Garrett. Oh my gosh, this is terrible audio and I'm sorry, but the 24 karat gold hair and body oil I'm using that one right there, getting down to the roots, the nitty gritty, making sure you are seeing that happen right now. Massage in there nice and deep, no giggity. I mean full giggity. Ooh, getting in there, making sure it's in there. Because like I said before, we're using the black soap. It really strips away all the oils, all the dirt and grime. So in order to make sure the next day, throughout the night, your hair is getting the love it needs, you need to make sure you're using something to moisturize properly. Now oils are heavier than butter. Butter's a little bit lighter than the oils. So depends on how you want to do it, but I can double it up with the oil and butter for maximum miniaturization properties.

That's how I do it. Every time. Same thing with the beard. I do them both. Now the beard of course it's going to end up a little bit dryer just because of gravity. Gravity does an amazing job removing those excess oils and butters from my beard. But that's why I like to cake it on, especially at nighttime. So, that's my plan. That's my method. That's how it works. And I'm sure it's just the best way to do it, but let me know if you do it a little bit differently.

Now. Okay. So it's the next morning after doing the shampoo and whatnot to my hair. It's still moist. Still should be soft and I'm feeling good. I'm feeling good. Look, what do you think, Buddy? Feeling good. Feel's great. Beard a little dryer, but that's to be expected. But the hair part, oof, definitely nice and moisturized. Feeling good. Feeling great. Looking good. I can see the shine. Want to see? Want to see the shine? Glisten, maybe glisten. No? All right. Yeah. So worked like a dream. See you.

Okay and that is it. That is essentially how you take care of your hair when you're using a black soap to wash it. See the key point is, I'm sure you took this away, but I'm going to say it again without a shadow of a doubt that you need to make sure. Okay. Make sure once you're done washing it, you get out the shower, you rehydrate it with something. All right. An oil, a butter, something. Because if you use nothing, you're going to be sitting there looking stupid. Hair dry. Hair brittle. And we talked about hair porosity earlier. Then if you just aren't doing anything appropriately, you're going to look like a fool. So make sure when you're done, you use the lock method. Liquid, oil, cream. Use that method.

I had a... what was the? I had the loco method. Okay. Liquid, oil, cream, carrots. I don't know. I'm going to link the loco method below because I can't remember how I explained it, but it was cool. No. Liquid, oil, cream, comb. Ostrich. Yeah. That's what it was. So watch that I'm going to link it below and make sure you just learn that locking in method for your hair because your hair needs to be moisturized. Okay? And black soap does a great job of stripping away all of that moisture and the oil you need. So we're going to bring it back and we'll put it back in there to make sure you're good to go. All right. Any questions, comments or concerns, leave them in the comments below and let me know what you thought of this video. Give me a thumbs up. Hit the like button. Hit the subscribe button. These things really help. I get money for this. So I've gotten paid a total of 52 cents so far. So I feel fantastic. But I haven't actually got the check yet, but anyway, I digress. See ya.

So essentially that's it. I want to make sure you understand completely 100% without a shadow of a doubt, shadow of a doubt, shadow of a doubt. Shadow of a doubt that when you're using a black soap to wash your hair, you got to make sure you rehydrate with something because black soap does an amazing job of removing all the oils and the dirt from your hair, which ultimately can leave your hair dry. And we talked about hair parity. Porosity. Feel stupid. Hair porosity earlier in a video that I'm sure you watched. So if not watch it, it's linked below. But watch that video, learn a little something. Something about how to take care of your hair, your porosity hair. Oh my gosh. What am I saying? Okay. Dang it. I don't know where to cut back into this thing. I'll just redo it. Hey, what's up? No. Crap. Not that far back.


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