Return / Refund Policy

  • It is the policy of Neter Gold to cover return shipping costs and/or offer a full refund on orders that Neter Gold made a mistake on:
    • Examples: 1) We mailed you the wrong item. 2) The item was damaged in shipping.
  • It is the policy of Neter Gold for the customer to cover return shipping in the following situations:
    1. The customer ordered the wrong item and wishes to return it for a refund or exchange for another item.
    2. The customer signed up for a subscription, forgot the cancel the subscription, received the item, no longer wants the item, and would like to return it for a refund.
  • It is the policy of Neter Gold for customers to repay for shipping when their item is returned to Neter Gold because of an address error.
    • Example: 1) Customer forgot to include an apartment number. 2) Customer did not use the correct postal code.
  • It is the policy of Neter Gold to issue refunds for items that have been returned in their original condition. Neter Gold does not accept returns of used body care items such as: deodorant, body cream, body scrubs, body oils, etc. 
  • Neter Gold does not refund shipping costs.
  • You have 30 days from the date of delivery to make any issues known to Neter Gold via email only. 
  • Any situation covered and/or not covered in this policy is subject to change depending on the situation at hand. Please send all return / refund inquiries to BOSSMICK@NTRGLD.COM