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Cloth Baby Diaper w/ Removable Charcoal Bamboo Insert

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You are looking at the most delicate way to diaper your baby. These cloth diapers feature a waterproof outer lining as well as a moisture absorbing lining. Perfect for children 10 lbs - 33 lbs!



  • Waterproof Outer Layer
  • Super Soft Faux Suede Lining That Absorbs Moisture
  • Leg Elastics To Keep 💩Contained
  • Strong Snap Closures To Secure Baby & Diaper
  • Bamboo & Charcoal Fiber Insert To Collect Excess Liquid


  • Adjust the rise setting that fits your baby best.
  • Stuff the insert into the pocket. If in the snap-down position, the fold should go in front for boys and back for girls. For overnight use, you may include additional inserts or doublers for extra absorbency.
  • Wrap both wings to the front and fasten securely, leaving no gaps around your baby's legs.


  • Before First Use: Wash all diapers and inserts hot (140F/60C max) at least once before use, using a cloth diaper safe detergent. Wash new bamboo products hot with detergent 3-4 times to bring them to maximum absorbency. 
  • Dirty Storage: Store in a dry pail.
  • Wash: Shake off poop into the toilet. Cold pre-wash, no detergent. Wash hot (140F/60C max) with detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Line dry or tumble dry low. No bleach. No fabric softener.

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